What Am I Getting for My Pet Sitting Fee?


One of the first questions people usually ask when contacting us is, “how much do you charge for your pet sitting or dog walking services?” That is an important question to ask. However, when you pay your pet sitting fee, you are not only getting pet sitting or dog walking services. You are getting much, much more!

An online system to schedule at YOUR convenience. We provide ease of scheduling.  Our easy to use online system allows our clients to schedule their pet sitting visits at their convenience.  Day or night, our system is available to you, so you don’t have to wait for office hours; just schedule us when you can.

In addition, when scheduling in our online system, you can update your pet’s profile and this information is available to whichever sitter is assigned to your visits. This means that you do not have to leave notes (unless you want to!) and it keeps things organized and efficient, all in one place.

A dedicated office staff. No need to wait all day to get your questions answered.  We have an office staff on hand to help you with all of our scheduling needs. Whether you have questions, an emergency, or just need reassurance that your fur baby is doing well while you’re away, our office staff is there for you!

In addition to this, our office staff monitors all visits throughout the day for completion. Our online system sends out an alert if a visit has not been completed in the assigned time window and our office manager on duty will immediately contact the sitter to see what is going on. If there has been an emergency, a new sitter is assigned so that no visit gets missed.

Peace of mind. We provide YOU with peace of mind.  While you’re away on a business trip or on vacation receiving some well-deserved rest and relaxation, we are here to take over your role as the pet parent.  Our consistency in service is top notch.  Why? We hire employees, not independent contractors. What does that mean for your pet?  Our sitters are specifically trained to meet our standards and go through this training process before we put your precious babies in their hands. We conduct three interviews before hiring (more than many companies), do a thorough background check, and a reference check.

Another factor that contributes to your peace of mind is our insurance. We have liability insurance and bonding. Above and beyond that, we have worker’s comp, which covers our employees should they get hurt in your home.

Highly trained employees. We can handle emergency situations. Did you know that according to the American Animal Hospital Association, one out of four more beloved pets would survive if just one pet first aid technique was used on the pet prior to arriving at the animal hospital?  At PAWSitive Strides, our pet sitters and dog walkers are mandated to attend a 4-hour Pet CPR and First Aid class once they have completed their trial period with us. Our pet sitters are trained on how to react in emergency and non-emergency situations.

A team of sitters and walkers at YOUR service. We have a strong team of pet sitters!  Our organization is set up to be as fail-proof as possible.  If one of our sitters is sick or has a personal emergency, our clients are not let down.  We have plenty of trained pet sitters that can step in to provide the service you’ve contracted us for, which is to keep your pet safe and happy.  We are also in the position to readily provide pet sitting services to our clients should an emergency arise for them. While we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate last-minute schedule requests, the fact that we have a team of sitters at your disposal usually means that we can.

Quality control visits.  We make unannounced visits to check up on our sitters.  This keeps everyone on their toes and gives you the added assurance that your pet is in the BEST hands while you’re away.  Two paws up!

As you can see, a lot of thought and cost goes into providing you and your precious fur baby with the best care possible. So, your pet sitting and dog walking fee covers much more than just pet sitting and dog walking.

We didn’t put the wow in bow-wow for no reason!  Contact us for more information.  We’d love to tell you how we can be of service to you and pets while you’re away!

Caroline Kellam

Caroline Kellam

Caroline Kellam is the co-owner of PAWSitive Strides Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services and a huge animal lover. She and her husband, Brian, share their home with six (yes, you read it right, six!) rescued dogs and three cockatiels (one of which was found on a neighbor's roof). She would love to have a cat or two as well, but the dogs (and the birds) will simply not stand for it.
Caroline Kellam

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